A picturesque background

for film productions

Büdingen Castle is not only a historical gem, but also a popular filming location for feature films and TV series. With its impressive architecture and picturesque surroundings, it provides an ideal backdrop for film productions.

Numerous productions have already made use of the castle's unique atmosphere, including "Tatort", "King Thrushbeard", "Max and the Wild 7", "Die Geister Oma" and "Die Stärkere". The magnificent rooms, the picturesque gardens and the authentic, diverse backdrop make Büdingen Castle and its surrounding houses a sought-after filming location for filmmakers from all over the world.

Büdingen Castle is a much sought-after location for film and TV

Crime scene - Murot and the 1,000-year-old empire
Actors: Ulrich Tukur, Barbara Philipp
Hagen von Strelow is on a flight from South America to Frankfurt am Main. He is a wanted war criminal who is to be put on (belated) trial in Germany. Inspector Murot (Ulrich Tukur) and his assistant Wächter (Barbara Philipp) are waiting for him on the spot. Murot was already on his trail 30 years ago, but Hagen von Strelow was able to escape at the last moment. In 1944, von Strelow and Inspector Rother had taken part in a murder investigation in a small village. A British pilot who was in possession of explosive, war-critical documents had been murdered. In the course of the investigation, it turns out that the war-weary investigator Rother is doing everything he can to prevent the documents from falling into the hands of the Nazis and is also protecting a Jewish woman who has gone into hiding in the village. With fatal consequences ...
Max and the Wild 7
Actors: Jona Eisenblätter, Uschi Glas, Günther Maria Halmer, Thomas Thieme, Alwara Höfels, Nina Petri
In the film "Max and the Wild 7", Büdingen Castle becomes home to an unusual gang of pensioners who solve criminal mysteries together. The picturesque setting of the castle provides the perfect backdrop for their adventurous undertakings. With plenty of humor, suspense and heart, the film captures the hearts of viewers and combines the beauty of the castle with a captivating story. Accompany Max and the Wild 7 on their exciting adventure at Büdingen Castle.
King Thrushbeard
Actors: Jasmin Schwiers, Hubert Mulzer, Ken Duken, Felicitas Woll, Arthur Brauss
"King Thrushbeard" is a well-known fairy tale that finds a special atmosphere at Büdingen Castle. The romantic story of the princess who is to marry the supposedly ugly king is brought to life within the historic walls of the castle. The magnificent rooms, the imposing castle courtyard and the fairytale surroundings provide the fairytale with an enchanting backdrop. Immerse yourself in this fascinating story and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of King Thrushbeard at Büdingen Castle.
The stronger one
Actors: Antje Weisgerber, Gertrud Kückelmann, Hans Söhnker, Paul Henckels, Tilly Lauenstein, Tilla Durieux, Heinz Klingenberg
After a triumphant concert success, opera singer Elisabeth Ferber chases home in her car to celebrate her third wedding anniversary with her husband Jochen. She has an accident, is left paralyzed and decides not to perform again. Jochen loves her dearly, but as a sought-after architect he is often absent. Elisabeth regrets not having given him children when she was still able to, and doubts whether she has the right to tie him to her in the future.

Jochen's current project is a princely castle that is to be converted into a hotel. Jochen is working with an interior designer who is unable to work and sends the resolute young student Sybille Erler as a replacement. As Sybille is just as determined and unyielding as Jochen when it comes to technical matters, their first encounters are full of tension; then Jochen gives in and adopts Sybille's suggestions. They become closer on the evening of the topping-out ceremony. Sybille's friend Alfred arrives unannounced, sees what is going on and informs her that Jochen is married. Sybille does not break up with Jochen, however, but with Alfred. Jochen regrets his intimacy with Sybille and tells her about his wife. Sybille realizes that Jochen will never leave his wife and wants to leave. Jochen becomes weak again and stops her. Meanwhile,

Elisabeth, who knows nothing about all this, plans to file for divorce in order to release Jochen. The prince, who owns the castle, gives her the opportunity to perform in a radio concert. During the rehearsal, she is too nervous to sing and cancels the concert. When Jochen hears about her nervous breakdown, he rushes to her and declares that from now on he will only work on location. Elisabeth confronts him with her intention to divorce. Jochen leaves.

Elisabeth, who wants to get a picture of her rival, asks Sybille to join her and learns from her that Jochen only loves her, Elisabeth. Meanwhile, Jochen visits an orphanage and adopts two children. The couple reconcile. Elisabeth sings in the radio concert as originally planned. Sybille finds solace in an interesting work assignment in Cairo.
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